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Wooden Toys - Perfectly Imperfect

My Little Earthling stocks a variety of wooden toys from different manufacturers, all unique in different ways - Perfectly Imperfect!

  • Some of our wooden toys are not cut by machines into identical shapes, they are cut by eye. They are not painted evenly because they are dipped, sponged or painted by hand.
  • They are not always smooth but often have a velvety or even rough finish due to the selection of the wood.
  • Some products are sanded by hand, which underlines this individual expression.
  • The colour finishes are rarely consistent and markings commonly show through.
  • There may be some colour variation in the exact colours and finish for products that have water based vegetable dye rather than paint being used
  • Products are always unique, with unique traces of nature.
  • Wood grain has changing structures and colours
  • Various markings created by nature and colour variations may exist. These markings and variations are not defects.

Often people ask the question "is this normal" "is this faulty"

What is Normal?
Knots, wood markings, visible lines in the wood, colour variance, colour transfer, small knotty holes, uneven finishes, visible wood grain, variance in wood texture, rough finishes, uneven paint surfaces, weight variance, not symmetrical, only stacks one way, variances in thickness.

What is NOT Normal?
Upon delivery if you see any damage such as cracks, chips, splintering then such toys should not be played with and we would ask that you please get in touch with us.

Wooden toys are carefully selected for wood without defects. Quality of the wood is checked before sending. However wood lives and responds to air changes. Wood is a natural product and not indestructible, so we can not rule out that something breaks.
Children may be advised and prompted to use caution with their special toys (of course we understand this can be difficult) However, if something breaks, you can repair the damage with wood glue.

Care instructions for water based painted products:

  • Use soapy water with a damp cloth.  Dry immediately.  Do not submerge in water and DO NOT use disinfectants or hot water.