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Our Kruselings range will delight anyone looking for that perfect gift, you will look no further as these beautiful dolls are full of character, personality and all come with a special talent that is specific to them.

What we love about these dolls are not only are they beautiful and very natural, child like looking but that they inspire kind words and positivity towards others and themselves which creates a great space for play that empowers our children.

Kruselings dolls provoke learning and bring appreciation of culture and what it means to be different.


Guardians of the dreams

Meet the Kruselings: Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy, and Chloe, five adventurous young girls from different parts of the world who are heroes of their own series of books.

The great Fire Opal has summoned them to Dreamland, given them magic powers, and appointed them Guardians of Dreams. Dreamland is a wondrous country populated by an array of strange and colourful inhabitants. It is where all dreams come to stay, the happy ones and the frightening ones. When a nightmare comes up from the Sea of Dreams threatening to wreak havoc in Dreamland, the Kruselings go into action, using their unique powers to restore peace and balance. The five girls face each daunting challenge with wit, imagination and confidence. They know that together they can overcome any obstacle.  The stories are packed with adventure, mystery, humour or and suspense. But there is a serious side as well. The Kruselings must also discover what has happened in the real world that is causing a person's bad dreams. And by working within those dreams they must help the dreamers find solutions to their problems.

These stories engage children's interest and imagination and leave them with a strengthened confidence in their own power to make their good dreams come true.


Luna - Child of Truth

Kruselings Luna  Kruselings Luna
Hi! I'm Luna. I come from Hong Kong, in China, and I love to solve puzzles. I have black hair and brown eyes. My magic telescope lets me see things that are hidden. The other girls sometimes choose me as their leader because I am good at finding out the truth. My friendly companion is the panda Bao-Bao. People and animals who touch him can talk with each other. Bao-Bao also gives strength and comfort.

Chloe - Child of Colours

Kruselings Chloe  Kruselings Chloe
Hi! I'm Chloe and I come from London, England. I have red hair and green eyes. I love to be creative and paint with my magic paintbrush. I can use it to make dark dreams bright and fill the world with glowing colour. And sometimes my pictures come alive. When someone is frightened, I can put courage in their heart. I have a pet squirrel called Brandon who can make the weather and the seasons suddenly change.

Vera - Child of Dance

Kruselings Vera  Kruselings Vera
Hi! I'm Vera. I come from Paris, in France, and I love to dance. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. When I twirl my magic ribbon in the air everything around me starts to dance. It is as if we are all joined together in one graceful movement, like the planets swirling in the sky. My best friend is my cat Koschka. She can see in the dark. Her bright eyes spread light, understanding and hope.  

Sofia - Child of Nature

Kruselings Sofia  Kruselings Sofia
Hi! I'm Sofia. I come from Lima, in Peru. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I love nature and everything that lives and grows. Exploring nature teaches me to look and listen carefully. My magic flower has the power to make all the plants around me bloom. I can talk to animals and encourage them to work together to help others. I have a sweet little rabbit called Turu. Turu can stop time and make everything stand still.

Joy - Child of Music

Kruselings Joy  Kruselings Joy
Hi! I'm Joy. I come from New York City, U.S.A., and I love to sing. I have brown, curly hair and brown eyes. With my magic headphones I can fill the air with music: loud or soft, wild or restful. Sometimes I can hear what people are thinking. If they are sad, I can comfort them with my music. Pippo is my parrot. His feathers have healing power for anyone who touches them.

Michael - Child of Adventure

Kruselings Michael
Hi! I'm Michael from Berlin, in Germany. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Like my friends the Kruselings, I love adventure. I'm also a great soccer player. My magic star has somehow given me the power to walk through solid walls as if they were thin air. Peppi is my dog, a golden retriever. Once Peppi was going to be taken away from me, but the Kruselings helped keep us together. Peppi can make small things big and big ones small.