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The in-wood range has been created with a mindful approach to purposeful play. Whether appealing to the child’s focus or their emotional state and communicative understanding, it is designed to connect to their intention and well-being.

While certainly designed with children in mind, the creators wanted to provide a medium that no matter the age of the person there is room for self expression.

The range is designed and made in Australia using FSC Certified Australian aged timbers. Each piece is hand dyed using mineral oils and child and food safe pigment dyes.

Importantly the life of the grain and the timber is clearly visible in every piece’s angle and shapes.

All packaging has been approached in a mindful manner with re-use recycle materials towards a cleaner environment.

Every decision made in the making of these products comes from the heart and to tread safely on this planet.


Rainbow Chakra Pyramid

Symbolism has been integrated into our Pyramids to help activate the powerful colours, energy and balance.

Each colour represents the chakra energy point in the body. There are seven centres which energy flows through in the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Only toxic free dyes used and coating so they are safe for children.

No plastics in any coatings or packaging. Only cardboard is used and each product is gifted with a seed paper card to give back to the Earth.


Sacred Geometry Pyramid

Sacred Geometry symbols have been integrated into our natural pyramid to help activate the wonder and mystery these fascinating shapes and patterns stimulate. Sacred Geometry is a blue print of the natural world and the basis of all form.

Everything has a pattern and nothing exists without a centre and we want our products to help connect into our inner world and find our peaceful centre.

Made from FSC Certified aged timber and finished with natural mineral oil

No plastics in any of our coatings or packaging. Only use cardboard is used and each product is gifted with a seed paper card to give back to the Earth.

I AM Mandala Puzzle

This product is all about going “IN WOOD”

It has been created to promote expression and connect into our feelings and thoughts.

This 31 piece puzzle is centred by the sun with the strong word “I AM” and surrounded by a range of emotions and thoughts engraved on one side and patterns and symbols on the other.

It has been designed for all ages and all spectrums to express and share how they are feeling and acknowledging what is going on for us that day and allows us to communicate with others on a deeper and more empathetic level.

I am trusting, I am protected. I am angry, I am scared, I am happy…….

Check into your thoughts and feelings and with the other pieces that do not resonate, simply flip hem over and use the symbols as patterns.

Made from FSC certified aged timber and finished with natural mineral oils.

All packaging is plastic free and each cardboard box is gifted with a seed card to say thank you and to give back to the Earth.

Spindle Toy

We are .. You are ..

This gorgeous Spindle is not only a welcome first toy for toddlers, its actually for all ages from 18 months!

Like all in-wood products they have approached the design to be sensory, mindful and developmental. This is beautiful to touch and very helpful to aid dexterity and muscle strengthening all the while confirming love, joy family and freedom.

Finished with natural mineral oil.