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Yogi fun dice game, get out and be physical

Our Yogi fun dice game is a fantastic resource to support our children who are developing their social and emotional skills as well as their cognitive and physical skills.

The Yogi fun dice game can be enjoyed indoor or outdoor - this morning My 4.5 year old and I enjoyed another sunrise at the beach, taking our set of Yogi fun along.

The Sunrise this morning put on a show and was the perfect backdrop and ambience for both my little earthling and I to soak up energy whilst we took in turns doing a pose from the dice.
We love the Yogi Fun Dice because anything that soothes and reenergises the soul as well as giving our bodies a good stretch is a winner!

My 4.5 year old loves dance and we have been talking about the benefits of stretching and that in time stretching will improve her flexibility, range of motion, posture and overall performance.
My little one has also talked about her muscles feeling sore and so we are hoping that this Yogi dice activity will support her body by increasing blood flow around and stretch out those tight muscles.

Not only is this resource amazing for our little earthlings to get out and be physical, it is also a great invitation to calm our minds and breathe!
With many challenges we face as adults, we tend to forget that our children are facing their own in some form or another.

Get your children to observe how they feel when they do calm their mind and how long can they stay in that particular pose for whilst breathing?
You’ll find it may be tricker than it looks.

Let this game be fun but also empowering, positive and productive!
Play on your own, with the family or with friends.
Challenge each other with new poses as well - the possibilities are endless for healthy bodies and healthy minds!
Let us guide and inspire our children to express themselves openly with the freedom to be exactly who they are ♡

You’ll find our Yogi fun dice game up on website ꩜