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Mindfulness, what does it mean to you

Mindfulness, what does it mean to you?

Mindfulness is simply paying attention to our body, mind and feelings.

In-woods Rainbow Chakra Pyramids are magical!
A block set that sets intentions for alignment and has symbolism integrated to help activate the powerful colours, energy and balance for the body’s chakra system.

The Rainbow Pyramid has seven layers that align with the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven colours of our body’s Chakra system.

Be inspired to look deep within, make connections, play, build and position the block layers, navigate your body and thoughts placing each layer where each chakra belongs.
Get creative and explore patterns and colours of the rainbow. Stack them, look at the symbols and verbalise what they mean to you and your child.
How does that particular body part feel where each chakra layer belongs?

This is the perfect tool and resource to reenergise and activate positive energy into the body. I know as a mum, this is a wonderful provocation to slow down and listen to our body, mind and soul.
Whether you are a educator, parent or a child, using the Rainbow Chakra Pyramid, you will be supporting and advocating for your healthy body and soul.

The rainbow chakra pyramid will be the perfect mindfulness resource to have on your shelf! Self care starts with you so take some deep breaths and lets be mindful of looking after our body inside and out.

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