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Milky Magic Experiment!

Let's put a bit of colour back into our day with this fun Milky Magic Experiment!
All you need is some food colouring, cotton tips, detergent and milk (We tend to use any milk left over that is out of date)

Step 1: Pour in enough milk to cover plate or bowl about 1cm deep.
Step 2: drop in your colours. We chose red, blue, green and yellow.
Step 3: Use a cotton tip and dip it straight into the milk to see if there is any change.
Step 4: Dip another cotton tip into some detergent and then dip straight into milk again. Notice the reaction.
Step 5: Try the cotton tip with more detergent or drop in some detergent and meet the cotton tip with the detergent. What happens? Any changes?

Milk is made up of minerals, proteins, and fats. Proteins and fats are susceptible to changes. When the detergent is added to the milk, those molecules run around and try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk.

You wouldn’t see this without the food coloring! The food coloring looks like fireworks because it’s getting bumped around!

Our little earthlings noticed that the food colouring "moved away like the germs did" in the hand washing experiment we did previously. I love experimenting with our children. Science becomes an open ended platform for learning. The learning never ends and as you can see our learning experience was more than just science.
There was space for conversations, bonding and quality time, colour identifying (especially for my 2 year old) and pure delight in exploration, cause and effect that Science can bring.