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Happy Earth Day to all

Happy Earth Day to all! We hope you are recharging in nature.
We are teaching our little earthlings ways of caring and loving our earth. Exploring, gardening, playing and looking after our planet are examples of how we interact and what we continue to model for our little ones.
Earth day is a great prompt for all of us to make connections between ourselves and our planet and how we can do our part for our mother earth.

Check out our Geometry Pyramids by in-wood. The patterns on the pyramids can be taught and shared to help foster awareness of the underlying patterns and harmony inherent in the natural environment.
The beauty of having the extra element of the sacred geometry patterns offers the element of curiosity about shapes, patterns and how we are all connected ~ Very fitting for earth day!

In-wood share with us how we are all connected, If we understand the spiral in nature such as the shell or the pine cone we can see an intrinsic pattern and design.

So many learning opportunities to be explored!
The natural geometry pyramid sets a foundation for regrouping and recharging. I know right now this is exactly the tool I need to support my growth for moving forward on my goals.

I love these pyramids, such a beautiful resource that supports our children holistically with intentions for creating a better world and a happy heart!

Our two little earth fairies enjoyed exploring and dancing round the pyramids yesterday to celebrate their earth and life!

The natural pyramids are made from FSC Certified aged timber and finished with natural mineral oil. No plastics or nasties. I love that at the bottom of your package you will find a seed paper card for planting to give back to the Earth. 🌿