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Hands up if you are getting your puzzle on?

Hands up if you are getting your puzzle on?
Staying home and keeping safe has never been more inviting, if you have a good puzzle or two you are set… oh and don’t forget the never ending snacks 😅😂

Our new favourite puzzle is Sassi’s Book and Giant Puzzle ‘The Magic Unicorn’.
We love the picture and quality of the puzzle, it oozes with magic from the subtle pieces of glitter on its box to the beautiful picture puzzle! It also comes with an enchanting book. This will keep your little ones engaged and they are perfect for little hands. The beauty of puzzles is that children can revisit it over and over, do it on their own or with family members.

Let’s not forget all the learning that can occur!
Puzzles help children develop finger strength, muscle control, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness, visual perception, perseverance and problem solving skills.
Your child may start to notice visual similarities, differences and extend on their language and communication skills.
Communication and comprehension of shapes, colours, positioning of pieces and verbalising strategies all support our children’s early literacy and mathematical skills.

One thing we are working on in our house with our 4.5 year old is for her to accept challenges and overcome problems by communicating her emotions and feelings.
Tending to become frustrated at a task we have been supporting our little earthling to take her time to wriggle, turn and flip each puzzle piece to find it’s place.
We have also been talking about enjoying the process of the puzzle and not forgetting to have some fun! Puzzles are such a great resource for so many learning opportunities!

You’ll find our collection of puzzles on the website