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Hand washing is fun!

Here is a little experiment that you can do with your children at home to support their understanding of how important it is to wash hands. Let this be one experiment you do with your children as we know protection from viruses is paramount for ourselves and others.
I know my two little earthlings really enjoyed this experiment and it was fun!
All you need is 2 plates or bowls, water, soap and pepper to act like the germs.


Pour water into your bowl. Wait for the water to calm, and then add pepper into the water.

Pepper will represent a virus or our germs in this experiment.

Take your finger and stick it into the water and pepper. Notice how the pepper sticks to your finger.

Now either wash your hands, or put soap onto your finger then put your finger back into the bowl of pepper (germs).
Watch how the pepper moves to the side of the bowl quickly.


Water molecules like to cling to each other, because of this it creates surface tension. The surface tension allows it to resist other outside forces. 

Pepper is not attracted to water, which will allow the pepper to float on top of the surface of the water due to the surface tension.

When you stick your finger in it that isn’t clean, the pepper sticks to your hand. When you use soap, it quickly moves away. This is because soaps are meant to break the surface tension so that it can clean an object.

This makes the water molecules carry the pepper with them as the tension is broken. This is why it’s important to use soap and water to wash your hands. It will make the viruses want to move away.