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Books invite curiosity and imagination!

What does self isolation and social distancing look like to you?

Whether you are reading a book at the end of the day or beginning your day with your early riser you can always rely on a good book!

I don’t know about your kids but my 4.5 year old and 2 year old love to get comfy with not just one or two books but a whole stack of them!!

We can spend hours just reading books and this time we have at home has allowed us to breathe, actually take in what’s happening in our day without feeling rushed, needing to be anywhere or worry about the piles of washing that needs doing because lets face it its been there for I don’t know how long because we are actually breathing, playing, baking and reading those books my kids have stacked up over and over again.

I love getting in those extra cuddles with my children and with interactions on the low with the outside world - these moments of reading books and having a cuddle really connects us with our children, strengthening their emotional wellbeing as well as ours!

I love how books invite curiosity and imagination! You can literally use books for anything! Throughout the day, observe what your child is doing…
What are they playing?
What are their interests?

Have you ever thought of adding a book to your child’s learning space, dramatic play area, small world tray?

A book is the ultimate resource, the perfect addition that invites us to read and provokes early literacy skills.

A book is a great extension on learning! In our family we often use a book to explore further learning or to simply retain new knowledge and words!

Our Sassi books are unique and allow you to indulge into your senses of sight and sound. View the range and happy reading!