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Learning with our Earthlings

  • Welcome and thank you!

    We are Larissa and Jake, proud parents to two amazing girls (a 4.5 year old and a 2 year old)
    We are the owners of My Little Earthling (MLE).
    We are a small business here at My Little Earthling being a mum/dad team based in Wollongong, NSW!
  • Childhood does not have to be hurried

    Not needing to be anywhere or rush for the next appointment has been a blessing and what our family has really needed.
  • Sassi’s amazing 3D assemble and book of the Triceratops

    Its officially back to school for Term 2 with most of us at home and we are pumped to share Sassi’s amazing 3D assemble and book of the Triceratops!
  • Happy Earth Day to all

    Happy Earth Day to all! We hope you are recharging in nature.
    We are teaching our little earthlings ways of caring and loving our earth.
  • Montessori sand tray!

    Montessori sand tray! Perfect for play that is messy and for little ones who love to get hands on!

  • Supporting our children to become strong independent learners

    Supporting our children to become strong, independent learners
  • Hands up if you are getting your puzzle on?

    Our new favourite puzzle is Sassi’s Book and Giant Puzzle ‘The Magic Unicorn’.
    We love the picture and quality of the puzzle, it oozes with magic from the subtle pieces of glitter on its box to the beautiful picture puzzle!
  • Mindfulness, what does it mean to you

    Mindfulness, what does it mean to you? Mindfulness is simply paying attention to our body, mind and feelings. In-woods Rainbow Chakra Pyramids are magical!

  • Are you set for this weekends next adventure

    Happy Friday! Are you set for this weekends next adventure?

  • Yogi fun dice game, get out and be physical

    Our Yogi fun dice game is a fantastic resource to support our children who are developing their social and emotional skills as well as their cognitive and physical skills.
  • Packed and no where to go

    Isolation has got our little earthlings dreaming of the day they can go exploring again but have no fear, our Teebee boxes are excellent for any type of play and right now we are creating little small worlds! Today was all about Bluey and Lego!
  • Happy Easter! Embracing all we have

    Happy Easter from our family @ My Little Earthling to yours!